Announcing CodeCamp for Kids

If you have or know of a middle or high school student who would like to play around with some electronic components (Arduinos) while learning to program, then please tell them about CodeCamp for Kids.

Myself and a few other members of Code for Greensboro are starting the biweekly CodeCamp to introduce kids to the joys of programming, electronics, and generally making things on their own. It’s held from 1-3 pm on Sundays in downtown Greensboro. Signup before the first class on September 13th. The class is free, but buying an Arduino and the associated components will likely cost around $50. If that poses a hardship, we will have some scholarships available.

As a former high school teacher, there’s nothing more exciting than helping kids understand the world around them and begin to shape and take control of the world themselves. Sign up, it’ll be great!