Brendan Younger

Current interests

👋 Welcome! I'm Brendan Younger and I've variously been a programmer, entreprenuer, high school teacher, and mathematics grad student. I recently exited Logistimatics after 4 years with two great guys and over $10M in annual revenue. This is what I'm currently thinking about. Please drop me a line if you're interested in discussing.

  • Healthcare in the US

    It couldn't possibly get any worse, could it? Something has to give when individual plans carry $12K deductibles. Some folks trying to change it:

  • Software is a tarpit

    We need to raise the level of abstraction to avoid making simple mistakes.

    Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.

    – Alfred North Whitehead
  • Sensors + wireless

    Recovering stolen air conditioners in Florida. Packages that alert you when they're running late. Simple stuff, but very effective when deployed and supported well.

  • Education

    K thru 12 educational curriculum in the US is about as enjoyable and sophisticated as day-time television (a reference which is rapidly becoming dated). With thousands of years of human culture and development, surely we can provide better material for study. Can't we?

  • Climate

    I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. A good year was when you could skate on the Warner Park lagoon between Christmas and New Year's. As the '90's wore on, there were fewer good years. Some people care about flooding, drought, heat waves, mass migration, etc. I just want more hockey.

  • Queen of the sciences

    Scientific fields modernized in roughly this order: mathematics (1700's), physics (1800's), chemistry (first half of the 1900's), biology (late 1900's to present). Mathematics would seem to be due for a rebirth, but is still mostly a pen-and-pencil affair.